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Ikigai (生き甲斐) (pronounced [ikiɡai])  compounds two Japanese words: iki meaning "life" and gai meaning "result". Hence, Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". The word refers to having a meaningful direction or purpose in life. 

What exactly is Ikigai?

Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy), or "reason for being" according to the Japanese, is a sense of meaningful direction or purpose in life, that lies at the intersection of 4 areas of your life: what you LOVE, what you are GOOD AT, what you can be PAID FOR, and what the world NEEDS.  


For those who are fortunate to be living in the zone of their Ikigai, work never feels like work.  They have the sense that they are lucky to be getting paid for what they love to do, since it is something that they would be doing without the need for compensation.  Ironically, since they are so good at it, and it is something that the world needs, people value it, and are willing to pay them for their service.

In essence, Ikigai is the very sweet spot of life, where each minute is being lived with a sense of purpose and meaning.

Interested in how we can help?

Book your free coaching session today to see how IKIGAI Coaching can deliver the results you are looking for

Unfortunately, for most, how we have been conditioned in life, whether it be through society, well-intentioned family members, or colleagues we respect, often drives us away from our Ikigai, focusing only on what we can be well compensated for, or chasing a vocation we are good at but that cannot pay the bills!


When Ikigai is not achieved, either partially or fully, a sense of emptiness can exist in one's life.  At IKIGAI Coaching, this is the exact gap we are constantly hoping to close for our clients.

How can the IKIGAI Coaching approach help you?

Simple.  We REALLY care about your improvement, and we HELP you achieve it via simple action plans and proven tools.

At IKIGAI Coaching, it is our fundamental belief that the more aligned we are with our purpose, the more joy and fulfillment we experience in life.  This applies in business, as much as it does in our personal lives! Incorporating as many elements of the Ikigai into our clients lives is at the very heart of everything we do.

IKIGAI Coaching works with you, and your unique challenges, to come up with a plan that fits your situation to deliver results.

Our founder, Norm Tam, Certified Professional Life Coach, has developed unique programs for Personal Growth, Management/Leadership, and Business Coaching that all incorporate the power of the Ikigai mentality, to unblock the obstacles holding people and businesses back from reaching their true potential.

Book your free coaching session today to see if IKIGAI Coaching is right for you!

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