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IKIGAI for Leadership

The coaching service that allows you to confidently apply proven management and leadership concepts, in your own authentic way.

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What is "IKIGAI for Leadership™"?

The "IKIGAI for Leadership™" program is a management and leadership coaching service, that employs our unique IKIGAI for Leadership model, to help you unblock the current obstacles in your career that are holding you back from becoming the leader you know you are capable of becoming.

Imagine how your life will feel when you move past your current challenges.  We will help you get there!

The "IKIGAI for Leadership" program will help you become a happier, more effective, and more fulfilled manager/leader within your organization, within hours.  Your ability to produce results will improve, along with your value within your organization.

Together, we will identify and work through:

  • What is currently going on in your life and career that has brought you here

  • What you are trying to accomplish and what that will feel like when you get there!

  • The 4 foundational elements of "IKIGAI for Leadership": How clearly you define VISION, how you use a MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK, how you IDENTIFY YOUR TEAM'S NEEDS, and how you create FINANCIAL VALUE

  • What is holding you back from achieving your goals and what elements need to improve

  • How to overcome the obstacles holding you back

  • What tangibly needs to happen, within a specific timeframe, for you to achieve your goals

  • Following-up as required to make sure you are on track and you have the support needed to achieve your goals

Is "IKIGAI for Leadership" right for me?

Everyone gets stuck sometimes. You don't have to face these moments alone.

"IKIGAI for Leadership" is right for you, if you:


  • Want to reach your full potential as a manager or leader within your organization, and feeling like something is holding you back

  • Want to lead people with YOUR unique and authentic leadership style, and not just what you read in books or what you have been told to do that doesn't work for you anymore

  • Feel like you need to improve a very specific aspect of your management approach

  • Feel overwhelmed in your new role as a manager/leader, and need some practical "next steps" to establish confidence and healthy habits for yourself and your team

How much will it cost me?

You decide!  "IKIGAI for Leadership" is a completely flexible program that will vary in length and cost, depending on what you want to work on, how frequently you want to meet, your commitment level to your goals.  We can say that most clients after four sessions (about a month) already see results and a distinct difference from where they started. 

Book your free coaching session today and speak to one of our Certified Professional Coaches to find out what plan is right for you!  If training is managed by your HR department within your organization, don't hesitate to pass along their information to us so that we can see how the "IKIGAI for Leadership" program may be right for leaders in your organization.

1-hr session

$400 CAD

IKIGAI for Leadership

Individual Session

4 x 1-hr sessions (20% discount)

$1280 CAD

IKIGAI for Leadership  Four-Session Package

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