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Wadih M.

"Norm and I systematically identified and removed the limiting beliefs that were holding me back in life.  Today I've become a self-motivated entrepreneur, and leading my customers towards their goals through my passion, technology."

- Wadih M. 


Stephanie S.

"I immediately felt comfortable talking with Norm. He was kind and warm, which is what I expected in discussing a life and career shift. He really brought to light some considerations and perspective that I knew within me, but simply needed an outside voice to help bring to the fore. I highly recommend coaching with Norm.”

- Stephanie S.

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Amandeep S.

"Feeling anxious, confused, angry, and at times hopeless to make any change, I realized that my potential could only be achieved by understanding myself better. Norm has provided the tools needed for me to start living the best version of my life."

- Amandeep S.


Tom U.

"Norm’s guidance, coaching and mentorship helped me become a more self-confident, patient and aware young executive.  He showed me how to put down my baggage of self doubt and confidence issues and to have faith in my own decision making."

- Tom U.

Speak with a Certified Professional Coach to see if IKIGAI Coaching is right for you

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