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IKIGAI for Business

The unique business coaching concept that aligns your company with purpose, delivering performance and results as your true company potential is unlocked.

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What is "IKIGAI for Business™"?

"IKIGAI for Business™" is geared towards business owners and entrepreneurs who are serious about creating positive change in their organizations.

The "IKIGAI for Business™" program is a business coaching service, that employs our unique "IKIGAI for Business" model (see above), to help you unblock the current obstacles in your business that are holding you back from the success you have already imagined.


As a small or medium-sized business owner, we know that you already have a dream of what your business should look like.  We will help you get there!

The "IKIGAI for Business" coaching service will help you identify areas of your business that are limiting growth and get you to the next level of your company's success, within hours.

Together, we will identify and work through:

  • What is currently going on in your business that has brought you here

  • What you are trying to accomplish and what that will feel like when you get there!

  • The 4 foundational elements of "IKIGAI for Business": How you FULFILL YOUR VISION, how you understand CUSTOMER NEEDS, how you DELIVER THE PROMISE, and how you GENERATE PROFIT

  • What is holding you back from achieving your goals and what areas of your business need to improve

  • How to overcome the obstacles holding you back

  • What tangibly needs to happen, within a specific timeframe, for you to achieve your goals

  • Following-up as required to make sure you are on track and you have the support needed to achieve your goals for your business

Is "IKIGAI for Business" right for me?

Every business gets stuck sometimes and finds itself in a tough spot to re-invent itself and move forward. You don't have to face these moments alone.

"IKIGAI for Business" is right for you, if you:


  • Are a small or medium-sized business owner who knows that you can take your business to the next level, but just feel "stuck" at this point

  • Need another set of eyes and ears to help you get through a tough transition moment in your business

  • Would like a fresh perspective on your business, and get you out of the "we have been doing things the same for years" mentality

  • Are curious about the "IKIGAI for Business" model and how it can unlock the potential of your business!

How much will it cost me?

Absolutely nothing.


Yes, you read that right.

We will only take on a business coaching engagement if we identify, in advance, financial benefit.  This is why we provide a no-obligation, free consultation to see if "IKIGAI for Business" coaching is right for your business and exactly what ROI you will achieve from it.

We will NOT continue if we do not see the value or cannot identify at least a 200% Return On Investment for your business.
That simple!

On top of our commitment to value, for all businesses located in the province of Quebec, as of 2020, Emploi-Québec currently covers up to 50% of coaching fees on all "IKIGAI for Business" coaching engagements.  This actually translates into a minimum 400% ROI if we decide to proceed.

Book your free business coaching session today and speak to one of our Certified Professional Coaches to find out how IKIGAI Coaching can help you take your business to the next level!  

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