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"IKIGAI Coaching’s mission is to guide people to their breakthrough moments, for them to succeed both personally and professionally. 

We will achieve this by working authentically with our customers, respecting their values and traditions, to eliminate limiting mental barriers and beliefs, and to have them truly “see” who they are and what they are destined to accomplish."

- Norm Tam, Founder of IKIGAI Coaching Inc., 
Montreal, QC

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"Tell me your story... As a Professional Certified Life Coach, I will help you frame your problem, unblock your obstacles and get you to the place you want to achieve!"

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Norm Tam,
Certified Professional Life Coach,
Founder of IKIGAI Coaching Inc.

The Single Most Important Thing to Realize Right Now...


You DO NOT need to continue living with the uncertainty you are currently carrying!

Let's talk about what you are going through, and how I can help.

As a Professional Certified Life Coach,

I WILL help you:


We will achieve this by:

  • Gaining clarity around what you have been carrying up until this point

  • Feeling better by removing anxiety and gaining instant relief, as you truly understand what you are facing, and that there is a solution towards a better future for yourself

  •  Equipping you with the tools for you to make better decisions 

  • Making decisions and move forward!  I will help you get comfortable at implementing changes you know you need to make 

  • Becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself, in tune with the path you have travelled and excited to be walking down the road of a new future you have created for yourself!

Here's how we'll work together...
1. Book your free trial coaching session

It all starts here!  I cannot help you unless you make a small, yet extremely meaningful decision to take the first step!
The session will give us the opportunity to get to know each other a bit, to see if we're a good fit.  Even if you're unsure of exactly what the issue is, like many of my clients tell me when we first speak together, don't worry!  The fact that you know something is off is all that matters.  This is part of the process!  The important thing is for us to talk to determine what the issue is and most importantly...
Can I actually help or not (which I will be dead honest with you about)!
2. Tell me your story
You arrived where you are under a specific set of circumstances, and I really want to hear about it, in order to help you.  We'll get a chance to talk about what you're going through and what you're trying to achieve. 
3. I will propose a plan 
Based on our discussion and my experience, I will propose a working plan for you, which will include a timeframe, what we will be working on together and the results we will both work towards. You decide if that plan makes sense!
4. The FUN PART, the coaching! 
If you decide to move forward, we will meet online as required (via Zoom or Google Meet) and work on removing obstacles that may be preventing you from moving forward, and best of all, getting you to where you want to be with a defined action plan!
You have nothing to lose, except the opportunity to get closer to a new, happier, and more fulfilling life!
Let's chat.
My Coaching Style
  • Compassionate
  • Understanding
  • Action-Oriented
  • Creative
  • Non-Judgemental
  • Results Focused
Norman Tam, Founder of IKIGAI Coaching
Norm Tam,
Certified Professional Life Coach,
Founder of IKIGAI Coaching Inc.

My Story

  • In September 2020, I decided to leave my comfortable executive job, where I was making well into the six-figures, because it was no longer a healthy environment for me.  I stuck to my principles and resigned, after having spent over 15 years in the corporate world developing systems, business structure and building leaders.

  • I did not have another job to jump to, I was going through a tough marriage separation, and simply felt that life had more to offer!  I felt relieved to no longer be in an unhealthy environment, but also a little scared of leaving the life of "corporate comfort" that I had worked so hard for!

  • Using my own Ikigai (reason for being), I decided to become a Certified Professional Life Coach, and in November 2020, founded IKIGAI Coaching Inc. to pursue my passion and purpose of helping people become the best versions of themselves.

  • I feel completely fulfilled each day, using my unique combination of life and business experience (the really fun action-oriented stuff that produces results!) to guide people to their breakthrough moments, for them to succeed both personally and professionally!

At the end of your first 60-minute life coaching trial session
with me, you will receive:
  • Your  FREE personalized development plan (an additional $100 value) that outlines improvement & growth strategies you can adopt to achieve your goals.
  • You get to keep your personalized plan, with absolutely
You have nothing to lose, except the opportunity to get closer to a new, happier, and more fulfilling life!
Let's chat.
Book Your Free Trial Session Today!

Some of the Great People That Achieved Results Working Together


Wadih M.

"Norm and I systematically identified and removed the limiting beliefs that were holding me back in life.  Today I've become a self-motivated entrepreneur, and leading my customers towards their goals through my passion, technology."

- Wadih M. 


Stephanie S.

"I immediately felt comfortable talking with Norm. He was kind and warm, which is what I expected in discussing a life and career shift. He really brought to light some considerations and perspective that I knew within me, but simply needed an outside voice to help bring to the fore. I highly recommend coaching with Norm.”

- Stephanie S.

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Amandeep S.

"Feeling anxious, confused, angry, and at times hopeless to make any change, I realized that my potential could only be achieved by understanding myself better. Norm has provided the tools needed for me to start living the best version of my life."

- Amandeep S.


Tom U.

"Norm’s guidance, coaching and mentorship helped me become a more self-confident, patient and aware young executive.  He showed me how to put down my baggage of self doubt and confidence issues and to have faith in my own decision making."

- Tom U.

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