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"My mission is to guide my clients to their breakthrough moments, when they overcome their obstacles and realize what they are truly capable of!"
Norm Tam,
Certified Professional Coach
Become The Leader That YOU Were Meant to Be!
Everyone is unique.  I love to develop leaders using a proven system of management fundamentals that integrate with their own authentic values, personalities and strengths!
We'll work together to define your goals, what's important to you, and what improvement will look like to ensure you get the full leadership development experience you are looking for!
At the end of your first "IKIGAI for Leadership" 60-minute executive coaching session ($250 value), you will receive a FREE personalized development plan (an additional $100 value) that outlines growth strategies you can adopt to develop yourself into a more natural and effective leader.
Book your session today, and let's discuss how we can remove the obstacles holding you back from becoming the leader YOU were meant to be!

"Norm’s guidance, coaching and mentorship helped me become a more self-confident, patient and aware young executive.  He showed me how to put down my baggage of self doubt and confidence issues and to have faith in my own decision making." - Tom U.

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